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We've meticulously crafted this toolkit to be an absolute powerhouse for your marketing efforts.

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AI-Powered Content Creation

Unleash the power of AI to fuel your social media presence. With AI Generated Content, you can generate custom posts on specific topics or let us take the reins. Craft campaigns with months of engaging content in mere minutes. From Instagram and Facebook to Twitter, your social media platforms are about to experience a content revolution.

Connect Your Social Media Accounts

Stay connected and in control. Link your social media accounts and post your AI-generated content seamlessly and automatically. Say goodbye to manual uploads and hello to convenience and efficiency.

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Scheduling content has never been easier. Craft campaigns and schedule months of content in less than a few minutes. Yes, you read that right. Sit back and let our feature handle your content calendar while you focus on other important tasks.

Brand Context

Want our AI to truly understand your brand? With our Brand Context, you can teach our AI about your brand's unique story, products, partnerships, testimonials, and more. The result? Deeply personalized and relevant content that resonates with your audience.

brand context

Powerful in-app editor

Transform your social media visuals effortlessly with our in-app photo editor. Choose photos from your gallery or Unsplash, apply stunning effects, and add stickers and text to create captivating content that engages your audience. Elevate your posts with our user-friendly editor and portray your brand's style with ease.

Upload Your Photos or Use Ours

Have a collection of product or client photos? Upload them and watch as we turn them into engaging social media posts. No photos? No problem. Our partnership with Unsplash gives you access to over 5 million high-quality images to make your posts stand out and shine.

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“I would recommend this to all of my fellow small business owners. I had been searching for a very long time for a cost effective way of managing all of my social media accounts."

Emigdio, Los Vecinos Catering
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"I took a chance on trying a simple AI brand posting app and glad I did! Not only affordable, this is easy and effective. Try it!"

Karmplexity, Podcast

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